It can be super overwhelming shifting to a new place for university or college. The excitement and freedom can make you feel buried in so many new emotions. And although you try your best to adjust, there is no doubt that this can get difficult. 


Tips to help you adjust overseas include 


Learn The Basics 

If you have moved to another country with a bit of a language barrier, your best bet would be to try and learn a few basic words of that language. A big language barrier can turn out to be a bigger problem than you may think, so making time to learn a few basic words that can later help you will be super beneficial. Whether you plan on learning the whole language or not, a few words to help you go by will be super beneficial in the start and help you adjust a lot easier. 

Set Up Your Living Space 

Your living space and its level of comfort will impact you settling in by a lot. Make sure you are setting up your living space super nicely and home-like to keep you from getting homesick too often. Doing so will help you adjust to the new place much easier as it will make you feel at home. Even though it will not be the same, it can still help you a lot. And something is better than nothing. 

Make Friends 

Going to a new place alone can be super intimidating. It is why you need to make sure you do not feel lonely the whole time you are there! Making a friend helps your situation ease down as you find someone who is most likely going through the same thing as you. It helps you two bond over the same issue! 


As discussed, it is clear that moving to a new place for studies is not the easiest thing in the world. However, these tips make the process better.