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If you are unemployed and looking for a job or are already employed and looking to either change jobs or change careers, you will need more than just a snappy resume to land a great position, you will need a career coach.

Career coaching in Philadelphia, New York, or other cities involves much more than just looking at your resume and simply sprucing it up. When you hire a career coach, they will see you a number of times because the work they do is a lot more involved than just meeting for a few minutes and sending you on your way.

Your coach will guide you throughout your entire journey from assessing what kind of job you should apply for all the way through being hired and starting the job.

Online Degree Information – Education, Courses, Business Advice and More

Looking at job postings and assessing careers

Sometimes it’s as simple as helping you look through job openings and help you figure which jobs to go after. In other cases, your coach will help you what career could be best for you. A lot of people will get bogged down in one job, stay there for years and never realize their true potential. A coach will assist you in finding a job or career that is both fulfilling and challenging. They will go through the pros and cons of making the possible career/job switch and look at your potential career change from all angles, so you know what to expect.


Career coaching in Philadelphia and elsewhere will also help find companies that are best for you and your new job or career change and will help you get your foot in the door through networking. Networking is important for someone looking for a new job or career. When you establish relationships with people from different companies it can make applying for a job much easier.

Interview preparation

A coach can help you prepare for any job interviews you have. They will find out as much information about specific companies and their work culture as they can so you can go into the interview confident that you will ace it. A lot of times, a potential employee will go into an interview thinking that they know everything about the company, but they actually don’t and it shows during the meeting. The job coach will do the legwork for you so you are fully prepared for any questions that may be asked. They can also work with you and come up with exercises to help you if you lack confidence when going on interviews in general.

Smooth transition to a new job or career

Your coach will guide you through the steps you need to take in order to make a smooth job or career change. And once you get a new job or switch careers, you can retain your career coach who will also help you transition into your position at your new company.

Once you land your new job, your coach will assess how you work and help you figure out how to use that to your advantage both at your job and in life.

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